Fall Fashion Ideas

fall fashion ideas

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fall fashion ideas - The Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Window Fashions: 1000 Decorating Ideas for Windows, Bedding, and Accessories

The Encyclopedia of Window Fashions: 1000 Decorating Ideas for Windows, Bedding, and Accessories

Illustrated with thousands of vivid pictures, this encyclopaedia is filled with original ideas for dull, featureless and problem windows. It also deals with many other subjects such as pillows, seat cushions, bedding, lambrequins, cornices, swags and shades. Every type of window is covered, from corner to clarestory, from bay to bow, picture and palladian. In addition to the 14 main chapters, there are several glossaries explaining decorating terms, textile fibres and their properties, drapery fabrics, basic window types, fabrics and fabric terms.

77% (13)

Bratz Fall 2011

Bratz Fall 2011

Bratz updated their official site catalogue with some products!! I have to say, i love the fashion packs....especially the Burberry looking trench coat and the bow tie shirt/skirt and suspenders outfit! Super cute!! Also loving the new Masquerade girls and On The Mic Boyz! However, i can just smell the Monster High comparisons from fans about the new Masquerade girls.....i do wonder if perhaps MH had an influence on the Masquerade line??..

There are waaaay too many On The Mic variations but my fave are the hair extension version as i prefer that than the gimmicky mic thing.

Overall, i would say Bratz are very slowly but surely returning to the good ol days! There are still A LOT of improvements to be made and i want to see some unique ideas instead of re-hashing old ones. I say it's only up from here (fingers crossed)

I only really plan on getting some of the fashion packs if they are released here! What are you guys planning to get??

Fall Fashion....50/365

Fall Fashion....50/365

As fall quickly approaches...Its time to get out or fall fashion..depends on where we are at, and what the weather is like..you will dress like me..but since that time and weather has not come yet..it always good to be proactive and be prepared...I don't know what the weather is like in DC but um, yeah..I have a box of fall/winter clothes..bwahahaha...

My mom gave me this beanie last year, This is one of my favorite beanies..very warm...I think she bought this at the Alley in Los Angeles...
The picture I wanted I had in mind..but it just didnt come out right...arghh..when you have an idea and it bombs...it sucks....

Strobist, Vivitar285HV with brolly set at 1/4 power right, and Nikon SB28 snooted/grid set @ 1/4 @ left...i was trying some lighting techniques...worked a little but not really...oh well..its nice..

fall fashion ideas

fall fashion ideas

Clothes (Art of Living (McGill-Queen))

Clothes protect our vulnerable skin and they keep us warm or cool. They help us show that we are young or old, rich or poor, at work or play, and whether we may be good to know. But though they are basic, much as food and shelter are - and also may be beautiful - they have long had a bad press in serious, moral and philosophical writing. The main reason for this is that they are external to us, a cover we may hide behind, and one on which some people spend too much money, perfecting a pompous plumage of vanity: also they, and the fashions for them, may not last long. Nonetheless, when we choose our own clothes, we know the choice is a sensitive matter and far from being merely superficial. John Harvey considers the overlapping values that clothes have for us. Clothes both cover and advertise the bodies within them. They help make us the men and women we are, and help us to attract each other. They enroll us in groups, from our own circle to our generation worldwide; and they show just how, as individuals, we want to be noticed. Clothes, like their wearers, may compete in claiming power. They may also, on and off the catwalk, compete to claim the spotlight. In sum they show how we think we matter - and they can matter themselves in ways that may be intimate and even crucial to us. At all times clothes have demanded attention, even when they have been castigated for their vanity, and contemporary opinion is still divided. Are clothes the most frivolous of consumer disposables - or are they, however extravagant, art? Though we wear and see them every day, the value that they have for us is multiple and fugitive and hard to catch exactly. "Clothes" attempts to sort the many-coloured wardrobe which marks off mankind from other creatures.

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